Nancy White: "Learning how to work with the dynamics of these different forms (community vs network) is therefore valuable!"

Nancy White ha añadido este comentario a la conversación,estamos hablando de las diferencias que hay en lamoderación de las comunidades de antes y las de ahora en redes!
"Here is my quick answer to your question about facilitating in commtys and networks bit.ly/VRCTDk. Both communities and networks give us access to the experience and resources of HUMAN CONNECTION. Thus they are both critically important. Learning how to work with the dynamics of these different forms is therefore valuable!"

"Edit: see this related post from Jessica Lipnack on the challenges of scaling collaboration!

The web makes it possible for, in effect, infinite numbers of people to collaborate. But how do you collaborate with infinite numbers?

You don’t. You can’t. Thus network thinkers are trying to solve this problem. INSITE, the European Union’s program on innovation, sustainability, and information technology, is including this issue as a worktrack in its Masters of Network symposium later this month in Venice."

Gracias Nancy, sin duda un privilegio!
Y tú, ¿cómo lo ves? ¿te gustaría sumarte a la conversación?

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