Nancy White: "You can't moderate in an unbounded network"


There are an amazing number of similarities and differences, which I find fascination. But since you asked about differences, here are my top three!

1. It is now more about unbounded networks than bounded communities, which fundamentally changes what we mean by "community building and moderation." You can't moderate in an unbounded network. You can influence. You can stimulate network connections. You can do what June Holley calls "network weaving" -- but you can't manage networks.

2. Bounded communities must have higher value propositions than before because people are getting a lot of what they want and need in open networks (i.e. Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter, etc.) They don't want to have to log into some other place. So integration of existing digital identities (and passwords) is more common, but this also breaks down some of the distinctions of previous communities. It becomes more of a blur.
3. It is harder to go into deeper conversations in the networked world, while at the same time you have a broader reach and potentially more diversity and the subsequent richness.

Hows that for a start?

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