From 90/9/1 to 95/4.8/0.2

Yesterday I was participating in a debate on Twitter with @fuzheado and @CharlesMatthe12:

"The 90/9/1 maxim of online participation is from the laptop/desktop era. What if it's 95/4.8/0.2 in a mobile era for WP?"

It was a long time since I read something related to online participation rule: 90/9/1. So I found it really interesting to read that this 90/9/1 rule is not valid any more.

From virtual communities to social media communities, what has changed? Participation has dropped from 1% to 0.2%.


My opinion is that with Social Media irruption, today there are too many spaces where users can participate and we are all overwhelmed by the situation.

If it was very difficult to have members participate in online or virtual communitues some years ago, imagine how difficult it is TODAY for us community managers / social media planners to have people participate.

It is very difficult to have visibility both on  spaces like Twitter and Facebook whre conversations go very fast. Besides, conversitions have changed, they are more unidirectionals. Brands post and we comment but not in a constructive way,with a facilitator and so o,as happenend on forums. Conversations TODAY are just comments on what it is said but do not attend to change or build something.

With online communities and forums, you had a meeting place, with conversations going on for a while, on the same"room". Working on something. Towards a conclusion.

Today, it 's impossible to remember where you were having the conversation. Facebook and Twitter have good reminder tools, but content visibility is ephemeral. These tools are not enough to make conversation last for long. They are just comments. We are not "building".

Things have changed a lot. Tough time for "online participation".

What is your opinion? Leave a comment ;-)

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